How to Remove Blood Stains from Upholstery

You spend a lot of money on your couch and if it gets stained you might get worried sometimes. Well, accidents do occur sometimes. Stains are of many types and can be removed using different techniques. Although some stains can be stubborn and hard to be removed such as wine stains and dried blood stains. Some ways can help get rid of such stains. Go through the blog which is provide by certified couch cleaners for complete information on how to remove blood stains from upholstery. 

Remove Dry Blood Stains Off The Couch

Tips To Remove Blood Stains From Couches- 

  • Pretreating A Blood Stain Using Isopropyl Alcohol- Pretreating a blood stain is important as it will help in getting rid of the stain easily. For pretreating, you can use isopropyl alcohol, cold water, white cloth and paper towels. This method is very much effective in getting rid of almost all kinds of stains on your couches. 
  • Use Baking Soda As A solution- Baking soda works wonders to remove all kinds of stains from the couches. It is alkaline that soaks up all the stains from fabric couches easily. For this method, you will require 1 cup of cool water, ½ cup of baking soda, clean cloth and a bowl.
  • Use Lemon Juice To Remove Stains- Lemon juice extract is an acidic solution that breaks up the blood stains for easy removal of the stains. This method works best when combined with salt. This mixture can easily dissolve the dried blood and help in removing it. This is one of the best answers to your question about how to remove blood stains from upholstery. 
  • Use Blood Stain Cleaner- There are many blood stain cleaners available in the market that are useful and effective in removing the stains from all types of fabrics on the couches. You can use laundry detergent alongside this solution to get rid of the toughest blood stains from the couches. This is also the best solution to your question about how to remove blood stains from upholstery. Although bloodstains cleaners can cause side effects due to the chemicals present in them. 

Follow These Steps To Clean Blood Stains From The Couches- 

Step 1- Use a dry clean cloth and soak up as much stain as possible from the couches. This will help in preventing the stain from moving deeper into the fabric. 

Step 2- Later use a clean, dry cloth and cold water to blot directly on the stain to remove the stain further. Do not use hot water as it will be helpful for the stain to set faster into the couch. 

Step 3- Use hydrogen peroxide to soak a clean dry cloth and blot it on the stained area. This will result in a reaction of hydrogen peroxide with blood which will result in the formation of foam. You must continue blotting until the foam subsides. 

Step 4- Later you must rinse the stained area using a clean cloth with the help of cold water. Wipe out the stain in a circular motion and make sure you don’t scrub the stained area. 

Step 5- Repeat the process more than 3 to 4 times until the stain has disappeared completely. Then you can use a dry cloth and place it on the stains to soak up the moisture from the couch. 

Step 6- Later use a hair dryer to dry the area completely and absorb the water from the stains. 

Additional Tips- 

  • React quickly and as soon as you see any blood stain use a cloth to blot it. 
  • Always blot it rather than rubbing it to avoid the spreading of the stain. 
  • You can also use hairspray to remove blood stains sometimes.
  • You can use hydrogen peroxide to remove blood stains from the leather sofa effectively.
  • Wear safety gear while treating the stain using isopropyl alcohol and hydrogen peroxide.

How to Remove Stains From Sofa

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