Can You Steam Clean Couches

Steam cleaners are considered excellent cleaning equipment that saves energy and time while removing the dust and dirt from the fabric furniture or upholstery. The steam cleaner produces the vapour that pulls out the grease, embedded dust, and stains and sanitizes the surface by removing the allergens and killing the bacteria that cause the disease. Read here can you steam clean couches.

High-temperature steam works wonders by breaking down and dissolving the dirt from the upholstery without using harsh chemicals. If you follow the right techniques, then you can easily clean the upholstery by using the steam cleaner. On the other hand, if you are moving out and want a professional couch cleaning service, it is suggested to hire steam cleaning experts and make your cleaning of upholstery easy. Couch cleaning Melbourne offering upholstery steam cleaning services so you can hire.

Steam cleaning is the best way to remove dust particles, stains, allergens, and grease from upholstery surfaces. This article on can you steam clean couches is perfect for you if you want to clean the upholstery using the steam cleaning process. 

Can A Steam Cleaner Clean Upholstery

Here We Have Covered The Entire Process of Cleaning Upholstery Using The Steam Cleaner To Make Your Work Easier:

  • Vacuum the upholstery 

Before getting the steam cleaner’s help, you must prepare the upholstery by removing all grime, dust, and dirt. For this, you should vacuum the fabric furniture with the help of brush attachments. Get into each crack and crevice to get the solution from the dander, pet hairs, allergens, dust, and pollen.

If the furniture is with pillows, remove them first and clean the dirt using the vacuum cleaner. Attach the nozzle aperture to remove the dust and dirt particles from the gaps and sides. Never forget to clean the back of the upholstery.

  • Treat the stains 

If stains are difficult on upholstery, you can treat them with the help of a steam cleaner. This is considered a super step. Many professional cleaners pre-treat the stains before taking the help of a steamer because it gives sparkling results. 

  • Prepare the steam cleaner 

Begin by removing the boiler cap of the steam cleaner. After that, attach the hose, have the steam gun and do not forget to activate the steam lock. Then, plug the cleaner into the socket and allow the steam cleaner to heat up. You have to follow the instructions that come with it properly if you want to get better results. Ensure you do not fill too much water in the boiler. 

Also, it is suggested to use the right attachment for upholstery, which can be a stationary or revolving brush. It is also suggested to avoid too much soap added to water. Rather, using a limited amount of soap for steam cleaning is only suggested. 

  • First, clean the cushions.

If the removable pillows are in your upholstery, you should first begin cleaning with cushions. Hold the steam cleaner handle and spray the steam on the surface. Press the button that will release the steam on the surface. It is suggested to wipe the cushions with a brush gently, that is attached to the steam cleaner and activate the safety lock again. This process will wet the fabric when the steam hits on the surface. After this, you must drag the steamer’s opening over the damp area to evaporate the huge water. This will help to remove the dirt, dust, and stains from the fabric surface. 

  • Steam clean the remaining upholstery

Now clean the complete fabric furniture in the same way that you are applying to cushions. First, you have to target the small section at the time to remove the dust, dirt, and grime. After choosing the steam cleaner pressure to clean upholstery, you have to release the steam and wipe down the small section of fabric furniture with the attached brush to the cleaning tool. 

After this, you have to wait for 20 minutes and check the surface that is cleaned by you. If you are satisfied with the results, then you can easily clean the remaining upholstery by following the same process. 

  • Wait until the fabric furniture dries. 

Once you completely clean the upholstery, you have to leave it for some time until it dries properly. The amount of time may differ depending upon how humid the steam cleaning is and also the day weather. You can also open the window or use the fan to fast the drying process. 

  • Vacuum it again

When you completely dry the upholstery, then you should vacuum it again. It will help you to remove the dirt, dust, and grime that are loosened by the steam cleaners but not chosen by the attached brush or microfiber cloth. 

How to steam clean couch


Now we can say that can you steam clean couches. The steam cleaning process to clean the upholstery at home gets easier if you follow all the above steps properly.

You must follow all the steps mentioned in this article”Can you steam clean couches” carefully and bring the lost shine of upholstery without involving any chemical-based or toxic products. It is suggested to hire a professional in case you feel the need. you can hire CBD couch cleaning services in Melbourne and nearby locations like Geelong, Richmond, Malvern, St kilda, Kew, Toorak and more.

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