How Much Does It Cost To Clean A Fabric Sofa

Couches, upholstery, and sofas are the centrepiece of your living room. You might spend most of your time on your couch and sofas. That is why it’s significant to get upholstery or sofa cleaning. You can do the regular cleaning task with vacuuming or the traditional broom method. At the same time, do not forget to call for professional help once a year. If you call for professional assistance, that will cost you affordable with the best quality depth cleaning service. You can hire services of CBD Couch cleaning Melbourne at an affordable rate. Many individuals are asking, how much does it cost to clean a fabric sofa? Well, that’s not a fixed amount anybody can tell without estimating or analyzing the current condition of your couch.

There are several factors to be considered when it comes to deciding the cost of professional sofa cleaning. Read on the details mentioned in the forthcoming paragraphs, where you’ll learn about the aspects to cover under finalizing the amount of professional sofa cleaning. 

How Much Does It Cost To Clean A Fabric Sofa

Consider The Cost Of Professional Sofa Cleaning Service

You eventually end up cleaning your sofa regularly on your own. Still, once a year, at least it’s mandatory to get them cleaned by a professional couch cleaning service or expert upholstery cleaning service for the in-depth cleaning process. And to increase the life of your sofa. To know the correct answer to how much does it cost to clean a fabric sofa, here are some aspects mentioned below to find out the exact sofa cleaning cost for you:

Types Of Upholstery Cleaning

There are different kinds of upholstery cleaning professionals do. The cost of professional couch cleaning consider the type of cleaning method you choose like:

  • Steam Cleaning: Sofa steam cleaning is a versatile and great way to remove stubborn stains from upholstery and rejuvenate the sofa in an appropriate required way. The effective steam cleaning will bring the lost glory back to your couch. The high water temperature evaporates and loosens up the dirt & debris to brighten the fabric colour. 
  • Dry Upholstery Cleaning: Sofa dry cleaning requires a pre-treatment stage to clean the sofa with professional couch cleaning products and solutions: the dry solvent detergent and cleaning product & solution. When you use the dry treated solvent, use the washing machine to remove stains, dirt & debris. 

Factors that Affect The Sofa Cleaning Cost

Upholstery cleaning costs are based on a per-item model or the actual condition of the couch. The price will be low if you just have one item to clean. The many points are; the size of the sofa, cleaning methods, mould & mildew residue, condition of your couch, etc. It’s better to consider a few points to understand how much it costs to get your sofa cleaned exactly. Do not forget to consider the fabric of the couch. If the material is delicate, you’ll need mild detergent or a cleaning solution. So before you ask for professional costing, consider the one mentioned. 

Know The fabric of the Sofa 

The cost of sofa cleaning depends upon the fabric of the upholstery. It would be better if you would consider the material fabric of the sofa and then analyze or ask for the cost from professionals.  

Fabric Sofa Cleaning Cost 

Fabric sofa is always tough to clean. Steam cleaning is a better option and even the cost-effective one to remove stains, dirt & debris & dust from the couch. The average cost of sofa steam cleaning considers the size of the sofas. If the material fabric of the sofa is delicate, then one can consider dry cleaning an effective option to follow. 

Leather Sofa Cleaning Cost

Leather sofa cleaning costs less labour intensive. In fact, this will cost much less than expected compared to fabric sofa cleaning. 

Sofa Cleaning Quote 

It is recommended to take at least three quotes from the trade people. Our selection will consider the features of the current condition of the sofa. Check out the details appropriately about what is considered in the papers regarding the sofa condition. 

Can The Sofa Get Clean At Home By Own?

Yes, one can clean the sofa at home with regular vacuuming or using the traditional same. If someone wants to clean the couch appropriately, ensure regular vacuuming or dusting for cleanliness. Meanwhile, the couch is getting regularly cleaned; you should contact a professional and expert sofa cleaning service for longevity. 

How to Clean Fabric Sofa


We hope now you got what needs to be covered when checking “How Much Does It Cost To Clean A Fabric Sofa.” So whenever you need professional help, get in touch with an expert provider. Professional companies are always up to assist clients and tell them the estimated cost for sofa cleaning service according to the condition of their couch. We CBD couch cleaning offer best couch cleaning services in Melbourne and nearby suburbs as Geelong, Richmond, Malvern, St kilda, Kew, Toorak and more.

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